Group of Companies


Digital marketing is a modern, dynamically developing area in marketing communications. A wide range of technical solutions makes it possible to personalize the advertising message as much as possible, which makes this tool a highly conversion promotion channel.

Website development and support:

Landing page.

Promo sites.

Directory site.

Online store.

Administration / Technical Support / Redesign.

Web analytics

Collection, analysis and interpretation of information about all advertising activities on the Internet with the aim of improving and optimizing them, including:

setting analytics counters;

construction of conversion funnels;

competitive analysis;

identification of site growth points;

recommendations for improving KPI;

monitoring the implementation of recommendations;

call tracking setup;

payback analysis (ROI) for each of the traffic channels.


elaboration of the semantic core;

conducting a deep audit of usability, design recommendations;

compilation of request pages and distribution of key requests;

setting statistics counters;

prescribing meta tags;

writing and posting unique optimized texts;

internal page linking;

purchase and placement of reference mass.

Display, contextual advertising and reputation management

Yandex.Direct and Google Ads.


Video ad

Comprehensive automated reputation management solutions on the Web.

Analysis and selection of sites for placement.