EVENT. Event Marketing.


We have combined marketing communications, PR, creative services and emotional perception. Experience Marketing is a new reading and rethinking of the basic principles of event marketing. Each of our projects is a story with a continuation that inspires its participants to act and creates new brand values. Clients of the event-agency “CatWalk” are well-known Russian and foreign structures: car brands, lifestyle brands, financial companies and banks, telecommunications companies, the public sector, leading providers of services for the population.


  • Business breakfasts, daytime events with meals (no entertainment program), for 50-100 people.
  • Teambuilding with meals (urban environment), from 100 people.
  • Teambuilding with meals (offsite), from 100 people.
  • Evening corporate and client events from 100 people with buffet / banquet (including alcohol) and entertainment program.
  • Development of creative concepts / scenarios for events.
  • Private events, from 50 people, with buffet / banquet (including alcohol) and entertainment.
  • Children’s activities, from 50 people.